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"I had two babies fifteen short months apart. They are now ages two and one, and my body felt every month of carrying, birthing, and recovering from both pregnancies. My second pregnancy left me with a four and a half finger-width diastasis recti. My core was so weak it was nearly impossible to have good posture, and sitting up left me nearly breathless. So sad! I received some physical therapy, but let me tell you, when I began Pilates with Me'Kelle, I had strength and corrected posture within seven sessions! My diastasis is still improving, hopefully to nearly non-existent. Not only has Pilates helped me recover strength in my core, it's toning my entire body and giving me quiet, focused time twice each week (sans any loud noises at a gym or crying babies). It's been wonderful in every way." - Andrea, age 29

"I was diagnosed with cancer recently, and I was limited with the amount of exercise I was able to do. I had a hard time keeping my strength up. Kel helped ease me into Pilates and helped me work out at a level that was healthy. She worked really hard to find the right way to make it beneficial. She's patient and encouraging and knows the ins and outs of every move so she could help my body where it needed it the most. Pilates was a great way to build up strength without tiring my body out too much. Kel helped me do that. I was amazed at how great it made me feel. I'm thankful to have found her." Katie, age 30

"Pilates allows me to quiet my mind and focus internally on what I am doing and what my body is experiencing in the moment. Pilates has been great for me; while pregnant I've been able to stay strong while putting minimal impact on my joints and body. I've noticed increased strength in my core and many other small muscles my legs and around my knees that I don’t normally focus on or strengthen on a daily basis. I've found a new love for the art of Pilates and I look forward to continuing to practice it. Me'kelle has been a fabulous instructor throughout my training. She is focused, great at guiding me through each exercise, very encouraging, and amazingly kind." Nastassia, age 27


"As a hair stylist, I feel the inevitable aches and pains that come with my profession. As I'm constantly on my feet, bending over a shampoo bowl, and holding my arms up for an extended amount of time while cutting or blow drying hair, I start to feel the weight of gravity and tension on my back and shoulders. With Pilates however, I've learned better posture that centers my balance and alleviates pressure on the wrong joints. Me'kelle is a great listener and has done a fantastic job molding the workout to my occupational needs. She is always open minded and invites feedback with a preliminary consult every session I've had with her. Thanks to her, I am now leaving work happier and leading a more "balanced" life." Elisa, age 27

"My (now) husband and I got engaged and were planning a wedding in a very short amount of time. I enjoy an active lifestyle; I workout and eat healthy on a pretty consistent basis, and felt fairly confident that I could lose any extra weight before my wedding through diet and excersise. The thing I was most concerned about was my posture and tone. My wedding dress was strapless and showed a good amount of my arms and back so I knew those would be my target areas to focus on. I came to Me'Kelle knowing that if anyone could help me gain better posture and tone, it was her. Pilates did more than I expected, not just for my wedding day goals, but for my health (and sanity) leading up to it. I was running and cross training, so Pilates provided a nice reprieve to the cardiovascular and heavy muscle workouts that the rest of my week consisted of. It was relaxing, yet challenging and Me'Kelle made the entire experience so much fun, which was a bonus in and of itself. I am SO grateful to have incorporated this type of workout into my daily life as it strengthened, toned and lengthened my body just as I had hoped. Me'Kelle is a great teacher and is brilliant at creating a workout that is unique to your goals and body. I would recommend Me'Kelle Pilates to anyone desiring to get in better shape or who is looking to add a little variety to your current workout routine."  Stephanie, age 28

"Having just had my first baby a few weeks ago I have been bounding through the joy of parenthood and life  since day one postnatal because of a happy heart and my prenatal pilates with Mekelle.  I feel strong, whole, and healthy from keeping up with my exercise during pregnancy and doing prenatal pilates has allowed me to stay feeling beautiful during pregnancy and bounce back into my body afterward. As my pregnancy progressed, Mekelle knew when to adjust my practice to make it safe for me and the baby. She is very knowledgeable about what muscles I needed to work more for motherhood and which needed rest during pregnancy, especially not to induce labor early! She always knew when to push me to work harder and when to allow me to listen to my body's needs.  Mekelle herself is beautiful and super fun to work with and I especially enjoyed the opportunity to be in a class with another one of her pregnant clients. Thank you Kel!" Melyssa, age 25